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Flood Light LD-FL-B Series

Samples available within 7 days' shipping! 1.ADC12 aluminium alloy Die casting housing,mecury free,lead free. 2.Quality LEDs with 180lm/W efficiency low lumen decay,TJ<85℃,driver PF:0.95. 3.Easy insallation;Photo control;1-10V Dimming. 4.Outdoor powder coating finishing,environmental protection powder material,High temperature resistance,corrosion resistance.

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    Flood Light LD-FL-B Series

    Samples Available Within 7 Days' Shipping!

    1.Flood Light Dimension:









    2.Flood Light Specification:

    Model Wattage Voltage LED Type LED Q'ty CCT Lumen Angle
    LD-FL-B040 40W 100-277V CREE 66pcs
    4600lm 120°
    LD-FL-B050 50W 100-277V CREE 66pcs 5750lm 120°
    LD-FL-B080 80W 100-277V CREE 126pcs 9500lm 120°
    LD-FL-B100 100W 100-277V CREE 126pcs 12000lm 120°
    LD-FL-B150 150W 100-277V CREE 192pcs 18000lm 120°
    LD-FL-B200 200W 100-277V CREE 48pcs 24000lm 120°


    3.Flood Light Remarks:

    1.LED type options:CREE/ PHILIPS/ OSRAM;Ra>70.

    2.Lumen is based on the condition of Ta<25℃ with a tolerance of ±10%;

    3.Operating temperature:-40 to 50℃;Storage temperature:-40 to 70℃.


  • Flood Light LD-FL-B Series

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