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LED Area Light

Samples available within 7 days' shipping! 1.High efficacy:130lm/W LED parking lots light; 2.No glaring and uniform light; 3.Surface finish: Powder coating; 4.Vertical /Horizontal installation; 5.ADC12 Aluminum,UL Comply optical lens; 5.ADC12 Aluminum,UL Comply optical lens;

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    Product Details

    LED Parking Lot Light (A Series)

    Samples Available Within 7 Days' Shipping!


    1. Descriptions

    LED Parking lot light;

    Ideal replacement of fluorescent fixtures;

    Perfect to apply in: Area lighting,roadway lighting, parking lots lighting,square lighting ,Wall lighting etc.


    2.  Characteristics


    High lumen output 130lm/W and high mounting height solution

    ◆  Lumen maintenance rate: 80% @36,000 hours

    ◆  Slim&low profile design that minimizes wind load

    ◆  Industrial voltage AC200-480V input UL and DLC approved


    ◆  Type II-S,Type III-M,Type IV, Type V option lighting distribution;

    ◆  No glaring and uniform light Parking lot light;                              

    ◆  Corrosion resistant outdoor powder painted 100um thickness

    ◆  1000-hour salt spray certification

    ◆  0-90 degree adjustable arm that mounts to a horizontal or vertical 60mm O.D  


    3. Technical Parameters:

    Model Wattage LED Type LED Q'ty CRI(Ra) CCT Lumen Angle Voltage IP
    LD-SH-A100-XX-S 100W Smalite3030 144pcs >70 4000K



    13000lm II / III / IV / V



    LD-SH-A150-XX-S 150W Smalite 3030 144pcs >70 18000lm II / III / IV / V IP66
    LD-SH-A200-XX-S 200W Smalite 3030 288pcs >70 26000lm II / III / IV / V IP66
    LD-SH-A240-XX-S 240W Smalite 3030 288pcs >70 30000lm II / III / IV / V IP66
    LD-SH-A300-XX-S2 300W Smalite 3030 288pcs >70 36000lm II / III / IV / V IP66
    LD-SH-A300-XX-S3 300W Smalite 3030 432pcs >70 39000lm II / III / IV / V IP66


    1.LED type  : Smalite ,LED driver : Sosen ;

    2.LED Parking lot light Lumen is based on the condition of Ta<25℃, with a tolerance of +-10%.


    4. Photometric Data:


    NOTE: For more photometric information of LED Parking lot light, please contact our sales staff.


    5. Installations



  • LED Area Light

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