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Linear Trunking Light(Type B)

1.Power watt: 25W-60W. 2.Material: AL6063+ PC; 3.LED Commercial Linear Strip; 4.Ideal replacement of fluorescent fixtures; 5.High luminous efficiency, up to 150LM/W;

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    Product Details

    LED Linear Trunking Light






    1.LED truncking light Descriptions:

    1.LED Commercial Linear Strip;

    2.Ideal replacement of fluorescent fixtures;

    3.Perfect to apply in: Supermarkets, meeting rooms, offices, Hospitals, Store House, hotels, retail stores, etc.


    2.LED truncking light Characteristics:

    1.Beam angel: 30*90°/60*110°/90*110°/single polarized light 18°/ symmetrical polarized light 24°;

    2.High luminous efficiency, up to 150LM/W;

    3.Modular design, easy installation and maintenance;

    4.High lumen maintenance rate: 90% @36,000 hours;

    5.Material: AL6063+ PC;

    6.Installation diversification, Support to connection;

    7.Power watt: 25W-60W.


    3.LED truncking light product type:

    Item Power(W) Voltage(V) Lumen Output(lm) CCT CRI
    LD-LF-B025-**** 25W 100-240 3250lm 2800-6500K optional:>90,>80
    LD-LF-B036-**** 36W 100-240 4680lm 2800-6500K optional:>90,>80
    LD-LF-B045-**** 45W 100-240 5850lm 2800-6500K optional:>90,>80
    LD-LF-B060-**** 60W 100-240 7800lm 2800-6500K optional:>90,>80



    1.The first * means angle, Can be A/B/C/D/E Which stand for 30*90°/60*110°/90*110°/single polarized light 18°/symmetrical polarized light 24°;

    2.The second * means Dimmable style, Can be X/D/DA Which stand for non-dimmable 0-10 dimmable Dali  dimmable.

    3.The last two * can be can be 30/35/37/40/45/50/57, which stands for 3000K/3500K/3700K/4000K/4500K/5000K/5700K;

    4.Efficacy is 10% lower for CCT below 4000K.


  • Linear Trunking Light(Type B)